Sculptor Annita Faitaki "gives form to the energy" of the earth. Faitaki's organic abstract sculptures are spheres, bodies, and discs that contain faces or face-like amorphisms. They are universally recognizable, but not standard. Faitaki pushes existing forms to surreal limits to explore the dualism of one's psyche: the good and the evil in each person. Her work deals with our need to live our lives finding harmony within this duality. As people forge their own paths, they seek completion and plentitude, and Faitaki's sculptures explore these elements in powerful, passionate, and symbolic archetypal forms.
Faitaki was born on the island of Crete, Greece and has since lived and worked in both Athens and New York City. Her background gives her the perfect perspective to explore not only the duality of the psyche, but of past and present, memory and modernity. Her works are created from passions of the past, attitudes of the present, and the fears and hopes for the future. They are universal in this, and timeless.

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Seventeen artists collaborate in the exhibition From Here to There to bring a New York audience on a magnificent journey of self-discovery, expression, and realization. Buzzing in energy, color, form, and texture, the works on display hint at real worlds while obscuring just enough to direct the viewer's experience and effectively control the conversation. Abstractions flourish across canvas, while figures bend and transform before the viewers' eyes. Varying on the scale of fiction and reality, the artworks featured tell a unique story of humanity, nature, and society in inventive ways. Most of all, however, they tell a story of movement and change: making this an exhibition that truly takes you from one state of mind to somewhere completely new and exciting.
Agora Gallery opens its doors for public viewing of this exhibition on March 8th with a reception on Thursday March 10th, from 6pm to 8pm. Admission is free.

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